Hello, I am Aleksei and I am a Frontend Developer

I build fast, nice SEO and "pixel perfect" web interfaces

My top-5 projects

Tourism websiteout link - Wordpress, JS, Full Stack. I was up download speed to 1s, clean code and optimize content for SEO.

Event agency websiteout link - HTML, SCSS, TypeScript, Gulp, Full Stack. I did this project like Intern. I used Gulp, some NPM packages, SCSS and TypeScript.

Web game Snakeout link - HTML, CSS, JS, Full Stack. This is my first home-project in JS. Play with enjoy :)

Repair shop websiteout link - HTML, CSS, JS, Custom. This is a little project for my repair shop.

Study project Zooout link - HTML, CSS, JS, Full Stack. This is a part of my study project in the Rolling Scopes School.

About me

Jan 2023 - until now:

Sep 2022 - until now:

Frontend Dev for "Uvent"

Jul 2022 - until now:

Tech Engineer for "OmniCDEK Armenia"

Apr 2022 - Jun 2022:

Web Dev for "GonkOpt"

Oct 2015 - Feb 2022:

Support Lead and Web Dev for "MCLenina19"


HTML5 / CSS3 / SCSS / JS / TS / OOP / Pixel Perfect / a11y (ARIA) / SEO / DevTools / Lighthouse / Git / Yarn / Gulp / Figma

Contact me

Email: admin@aemorozov.com

Phone (Arm): +374 (44) 07-03-39

Telegram: @ae_morozov